On 10th October, also known as #WorldHomelessDay, a group of business leaders from across Gloucester joined forces to raise money and awareness for CCP, a charity focused on getting the homeless off the street.

Jo Watton, our Centre Manager for Fig Offices Gloucester, wrapped up to join the team and put her time towards such a worthy cause.

“What can I say… What a fantastic experience this was and for all the other people I shared my evening with. Even though I was with so many other people, my own personal experience was a challenge for myself and I did feel very vulnerable during the evening. This was especially the case when I went to bed as you don’t realise how scary it can be for the homeless, with the noises you don’t necessarily hear every day, how cold it was and being uncomfortable through the night. I think the worst part was when it rained as you could not get away from it, let alone shelter from the the wind. I can’t imagine how hard it is having to live like that.  I would like to thank all that donated, it means a lot and I’m proud I did it and for the money we all raised.”

Overall the evening raised nearly £50,000 for the appeal, which is a fantastic result for the group. Help them reach their goal and donate here.

Here are a few images from the event: