We all know the stresses and strains of working in an office environment and that more often than not, no two days are the same. We all hope for that hassle-free day, but the increasing length of our to do lists, the constant ringing of the phone and pinging of emails, all adds to our anxiety and fear to achieve the unachievable in our working day.

Don’t panic though, all is not lost! One thing we can do is plan our day and push ourselves to follow a routine, with the ultimate aim of becoming a more productive person.
The routine isn’t anything laborious, it’s following some simple steps and taking a little extra time to think about our day.

Step 1

Start your morning as you mean to go on. Set your alarm so you wake up on time, allowing yourself plenty of time to do what you need to do. Rushing around in the morning, panicking about being late for work, missing the train or being late for the school run, all create unnecessary stress that could be avoided if we allowed those extra few minutes.
Eat a healthy breakfast. An empty tummy leads to a wandering mind.

Step 2

Once in the office check your emails and messages for any urgent and pressing matters. Prioirtise those matters and get them out of the way first, otherwise these will prey on your mind for the rest of the day and distract you from your work. Don’t put things off because they are more difficult as they won’t go away!
Write a to do list with an achievable number of tasks for the day, say 4-5. Working to a longer list can make you feel like your workload is unachievable, which it might be but remember you can only do so many things in one day.

Step 3

Don’t spin too many plates. Try and focus on one task at a time. Turn off email notifications, social media and your phone if they are going to take your mind off the task in hand. It sounds silly but emails and other distractions can easily sway the mind and before you know it, you’ve forgotten what you were working on.
If you need to, find a quiet room to sit in and concentrate on your work, sometimes a quiet 30 minutes can be extremely productive.

Step 4

Take breaks and eat! It’s easy to get stuck in the routine of not taking a break and just getting on with things but it is so important to take time out. A break from your computer and stretch of the legs can make the world of difference. Eating a healthy lunch is also important but an office treat every now and then is also acceptable!

Step 5

Pat yourself on the back and reflect. At the end of the day don’t think what you haven’t done, think what you have done. What have you achieved and what challenges did you overcome? Reflect on your day and give yourself praise for the work you have done. Then most importantly, give your mind a well-deserved rest, sleep and get ready for tomorrow.