It’s that time of year again, ‘New Year, New…’ will be seen everywhere and whilst you might be making personal resolutions for 2019, we thought we’d offer some for the workplace that you could incorporate in to your office.


1 Declutter

Over the last year you will have accumulated a lot of files, with saved worksheets in places you no longer remember and old images/documents that could be deleted to make your work more streamlined. This goes for your paper trail too; do you need those notes from a meeting you had at the start of last year? Have a sort through and pick out the most important to keep your desk tidy.

Decluttering also applies to your emails too, are there any emails you receive that you automatically delete or don’t read? Unsubscribing to these will remove this unnecessary process from your day.


2 Get Moving

We all know that sitting at your desk all day is bad for you, so why not make a habit of getting up from your desk every hour to complete a task. Use an app to remind you to get up or aim to do certain jobs standing. You could even arrange a walking meeting or change your weekly update meetings to standing ones to reduce sitting time during your day.


3 Make the most of your time

There are so many moments of our day that we could be utilising better. Why not add a podcast or audiobook to your commute in to work? Choosing one that expands your knowledge within your industry will not only benefit your own personal skills but could also provide new ideas to your work.

Lists are also another habit that you could take on in 2019. Making a list to keep on top of tasks and filling out your calendars for the year will help maintain a high level of organisation to your day and give you notice to plan things in advance.


3 Eating Right

Last but not least we have eating right. Swapping out your meal deal lunch for something homemade will not only save you money but will provide you with a much healthier option. Having healthy snacks on hand too with help you with this goal, maybe you could suggest a shared fruit bowl to encourage an office wide health kick to start the new year.